How can I learn about NIHONBUYO (Japanese classical dance) and dancers.

I would like to learn NIHONBUYO-what do I need to know?

Anyone can learn NIHONBUYO regardless of gender or age.
You can see lessons/studios information on the NIHONBUYO Association members in the “Lessons and Studios Information” page.
* For more information on trials and tours, please contact each instructor directly.
* For children’s programs, there are opportunities to experience NIHONBUYO at the "Kids Traditional Performing Arts Experience (external site in Japanese)" sponsored by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, as well as through workshops organized by each branch of the association (Japanese Only).

Where can I watch NIHONBUYO?

You can purchase via the ticketing page.
If there are available seats on the day of the performance, you can purchase tickets directly at the reception desk of the NIHONBUYO Association in the theater.

Can preschoolers watch NIHONBUYO in the theater?

Preschool children are also welcome at the association-sponsored performances. If the child watches from your lap, you don't need to buy him/her an additional ticket.
* If you want to use a seat for your child, you will need to purchase a ticket.
* Depending on the organizer and performance content, there may be restrictions on admission for preschool children, so if you have any questions, please contact each organizer.

Is there an English guide?

For some of the performances hosted by our association, simultaneous commentary and earphone guides in English are available.

I would like to set up a NIHONBUYO workshop in a class at school or company ...

Please contact the association for specific discussion, noting that we mainly accept requests for workshops and performances at schools.