Privacy policy

Enacted January 1, 2013

The NIHONBUYO Association (Public Interest Incorporated Association)

We Association fully recognize our social mission about protection of all personal information handled by this organization. We protect the rights of individuals and comply with laws and regulations regarding to personal information.

The NIHONBUYO Associationdeclare here that we create a personal information protection management system to embody the policy shown below. We work on continuous improvement of the system while always recognizing the latest IT technology trends, changes in social demands and the business environment.

  1. Personal information is limited to the range necessary for our legitimate business execution such as inquiries and management of our customers and employment and personnel management of the NIHONBUYO Association.We will not handle personal information beyond the scope necessary for appropriate acquisition, use, and provision.
  2. We will comply with laws and regulations regarding personal information.
  3. In order to take reasonable safety measures and prevent the leak, loss, and damage on personal information, we will continuously improve the personal information security system by injecting management resources that match the actual situation of the business. In the unlikely event, we will take corrective action promptly.
  4. We will respond promptly, honestly and appropriately to complaints and consultations regarding to the management of the personal information.
  5. The personal information protection management system will be reviewed in a timely and appropriate manner due to the changes in the environment surrounding our organization. We will continue to promote improvements.

This policy shall be available to anyone at any time by posting it on our website.